Be a part of the gang, Be OTTO!

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2 min readJul 23, 2021

RobinHood Swap is excited to introduce our version of the popular 1973 Disney’s Robin Hood character Otto. In the Disney Universe, Otto is a humanoid dog and blacksmith, providing support to the efforts of the merry men of Nottingham in their quest to bring down the evil sheriff.

Our version of the character will support our goal of bringing charity through prosperity as he will be the face of our referral program.

In the character’s spirit, we want you to get out there and spread the word about what the project is doing; you will be rewarded for every referee who uses your link. Remember when Otto helped Robin Hood in the original, he also helped himself.

To get started:
Once you have connected your walled to RBH
Navigate to
Scroll down till you see your “Referral Link.”
Copy and share your referral link any way you please.

You will get 1% of profits yielded for everyone who has joined the farm.

The more people holding or farming RBH, the more we can be given to charity, and the more significant the impact will be to the world.

We are excited to see what the community does with the new character after all the amazing things done with Robinhood.

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RobinhoodSwap Finance

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