The first charity partnership announcement: Let's Spread the Love with RobinhoodSwap❤

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2 min readJun 12, 2021
RobinhoodSwap has officially partnered with Spread the Love by Social Giver

It’s finally here! The news we have been excited to share from the very first moment. As you may know, the idea behind RobinhoodSwap is to earn through RBH yield farming and contribute to the welfare of the underprivileged through charity allocation from the rewards. No matter how small or large, Robinhoodswap aims to make a difference through its philanthropic efforts.

To execute this vision, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Spread the Love project by Socialgiver. The project was founded by a group of volunteers who realized that there have been so many just waiting to share their stories and only wanted their voices to be heard. Many would express themselves but only a handful get the required attention in form of reliefs or grants. There here are still plenty of stories finding a way to be heard. That is where the Spread the Love project team steps in.

Through this partnership, Robinhoodswap hopes to play an active role in extending our hands to those who need it the most. There will be monthly guest committees invited to evaluate the stories sent to Spread the Love. The amount of support will be 1,000–5,000 baht per case (you can find more details here: Does the concept sound familiar to you? It’s a reflection of RobinhoodSwap’s determination. We find the projects and you get to vote for the charity project of the month with your tokens.

RobinhoodSwap will partner with Spread the Love by Socialgiver and fund the team from the charity allocation. We will also have a chance to be a part of the project’s monthly guest committee and overlook the fund utilization. The proceeds will be transferred to people impacted by any circumstances or disasters.

On a side note, It actually is you who is holding RBH that is spreading the love to others in this society while we all ride to the moon!

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Love from RobinHoodSwap Team :)



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RobinHoodSwap Finance is to allow users to utilize blockchain and DeFi to earn rewards while contributing to society by giving back to charitable organizations.